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Get a Clear View of 2020 Trends

By: Riceland

As a chef or restaurateur, you’re constantly keeping your finger in the pulse of what trends are heating up in 2020 so you’re prepared to deliver what will keep your diners coming back for more. Trends are everywhere, but the key is tuning into the relevant ones for your restaurant. Let’s dive into a few key trends that are shaping up for how diners are choosing restaurants and dining on rice dishes. 

Attain what can sustain.* Sustainability isn’t just a passing fad. Diners are now seeking out restaurants that are doing more than just reducing their impact, they want to know that the food you source comes from suppliers that proactively support the environment. For a while now, diners have focused on getting proteins and produce that tout sustainability. As we roll through 2020 and beyond, they will be looking to you and asking if your supply channels embrace sustainability and care for the environment as well. 

Take out is taking off.** Even if you don’t offer takeout or delivery, the growing trend of off-premises dining, with services like GrubHub, Postmates, Door Dash and more, is becoming more popular than ever. The big concern for operators is maintaining the quality of dishes that may have logged some miles before being enjoyed. Lean into this trend by using high-quality rice that holds flavor and stays fork tender, even after the long journey from back-of-house to front-of-living-room. 

Be a protein pro.† Flexitarians are a growing segment, thanks to recent advances in alternative protein options. Diners are looking for more choices when it comes to what’s featured in their rice dishes. By keeping your base ingredients consistent with things like rice, you can more efficiently manage your menu costs while giving diners the option or both animal-based and plant-based proteins. 

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